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3 Jul


I have no one that I can refer to as close friends.

The ones that I have, from college or school, is just friends.

I have nobody that seriously want to be there for me, no matter what happen.

I have facebook but friends in facebook are just denying the fact that I’m in their friendlist.

Some of them even declining to share information with me.


And why?

Am I a bad person? What have I done to them?

I feel like deactivate my FB account.

Probably this is the right time for me to do it.


Just a quick update

20 Jun


I’m fine as always but boy, it’s getting busier than before especially when the exam is just couple of months away.

I’m so nervous!

But under His blessings, I’m sure my kids can do it.

Nothing much interesting things happen lately. Been done some shopping and still deciding to buy this item.

I’ve been more conscious towards what I spent, alhamdulillah. It’s a good sign for me to put things that are most important at first place.

Anyway, I hope you have a great night. I’m signing off now. Mau tido ;p



New Layout

2 Jun


Hey hey,

I’m changing the layout.

Hope you’ll like it 🙂


Bye and good night.

Sweet dreams.


Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England

16 Apr


Hey, how’s your weekend so far?

Mine is full with work, work and moooreeeee work.


But it ain’t stop me to blog.

In the middle of finishing some paper work for Smart English Program and I was doing it in front of television, I saw some clips of Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England.

One of the clips mention that Kate or Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, is the princess of 21st century. And I totally agreed with that.

She is hype and chic and so stylish and her looks are flawless. She is born to be a princess although she has no royal bloodlines whatsover and her parents have no title and just a commoner.

And I absolutely adore her dress during her engagement to Prince William.

Adore much, eh?

Love love loveee her dress!


She just looks so effortlessly beautiful!

Well, I think her body figure does help her looks. Long spidery legs and tall, yes you will look gorgeous in whatever you are wearing.

Yet, I think she fits the place as future queen  and people will definitely look her up as a replacement for  the loss of Princess Diana’s pure beauty, poise and great personality.

Kate Middleton- The Future Queen of England.

Ok, there you go.

My short entry and yes I am so looking forward to the royal wedding this 29th April 2011. Two weeks to go!

Bye, enjoy the rest of the day.


Back to work: Jannah

Need your blog links =)

24 Jan



Hey, it’s midnight. Why do you still not in bed, huh?




I need your favor. If you happen to read my blog and have your own blog, do leave your link here at the comment section.


Please please please…


I would love to put up your blog links here so that I will be able to read up your blog too.


Ok, deal?


All right, that’s all.


Good night sayang!




Love: Jannah

Need help!

21 Jan


Oh my, it’s 9pm already. I haven’t done anything beside browsing stuff on the Internet which turns out to be a major headache.


You see, I need your help to suggest me few blogs that sell cover for BB.


I found two, one on Facebook and the other one is on the blogspot. But I need more sites guys.


I want to change the cover that I currently using now which is from the  boring black cover




to the bling bling cover.. like this …





I so what to buy them.


Please anyone, help me?


And please don’t say go to Low Yat. I am in Terengganu, not KL!



Will be waiting.. (and browsing)…







Me: Jannah




The biggest responsibility

7 Jan


It’s midnight and my eyes are still wide open.

Well, it’s mainly because I have been sleeping for three hours straight during the day.

Blame the weather!


Anyway, I know I know I’m not supposed to whine about all the responsibilities that have been given to me.

But I can’t help it.

Honestly, I am not ready yet to teach Year 6.




Too many stresses!

Firstly, I have to finish all topics within this 5 months and prepare them for UPSR.

I really hate that fact. You know, teaching them for exam. This is so not fun!


Secondly, the expectation.

Since I am teaching last class, there is no high expectation of getting A for English, but more to percentage of passers.

Yikes! I have no idea how am I going to do that.


Thirdly, meetings and more meetings.

This Sunday, there’s a meeting for Peningkatan UPSR. The word itself scare the hell out of me because it involves with serious business. How to get more and more passers.


I am freaking out.


Yes I am.


Ok enough of rambling.