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Sorting out

21 Jan



Hey good morning!

Rise and shine people!


For me, weekend is a time where I do most of the things that I want to do during the weekdays but too lazy to do them ;P


I normally use my weekend for cleaning, doing a pile of laundry, trying out new recipes and of course blogging.

I really miss to do the latter one.


Although weekend only consists of two-days off (as I am a government servant, not sure how’s the private sector works), I’m manage to do some of the work listed above.


Funny thing is, I won’t be having any problem waking up really early compared to during weekdays. I don’t know why. Normally people will take longer sleeping hours during weekends but not me. My eyes will be widely open by the time it’s 7 am. I should have waken up at 10-12 pm. I have to. I deserve it. But it is not happening!  It’s like my eyes have been automatically set to open at 7 am. So unfair!

But looking on a bright the side of it,  my work is done! Like just now.


I think we all share the same consensus that we really hate when we’re not being organised like stuff are not in the right places, kan? So do I.  I hate the fact that I have my stuff all over the places. You know, when I want this stuff, I couldn’t find it. For instance, my tudung.

Since I bought new closet (which already been fulled by my clothes and other unbeknown stuff), I kept my tudung in two separate boxes and hang some of  them that I will use  regularly. Until this one particular night, I couldn’t find the tudung that I wanted to pair of with my baju kurung. I went berserk looking for it (yeap, been looking in those two boxes) but to no avail.

Therefore, I decided to arrange my tudung (againnnn) and this time, I arranged it according to color coding.

It took me almost 20 minutes to sort out everything and it surprised me a lot of the amount of tudung that I have so far.





See see, I grouped them into their color code and the pink and brown/ orange defy other color.


I stored all my tudungs to the place that I can see and reach 🙂



Easy to be looked at and selected for any particular day.



I really hope that after this, I won’t be going crazy looking for my tudung. Speaking of which, I haven’t sorted out my baju kurung. Buhuuu…



All right, so I’ve crossed this thing on my Things-To-D0 List.


One down, hundreds to go.


Sigh 😦



Great weekend guys!





Me: Jannah


First day of New Year..

1 Jan


Hye, it’s a lovely afternoon, no rains so far, Alhamdulillah 🙂

What’s your plan for the first day of New Year? I have one in my mind ;p

I think I might want to get my haircut today. Just a nice way to start the beginning of the year, right?

I’m not a risk taker, especially when it comes to my hair. Though I’m wearing scarf, certainly I don’t want to destroy my precious gift from Him.

Since I’ve round shape face, I opted to cut my hair into a bob cut style. Well, my dearly friends suggested me the style and I gave a go.


Something like this :

and this..


but heck, not like this yo :


See told ya, I’m not into trying new look :p


Anyway I like this look. Something cute and sweet, kan?


Oh well, better get ready.


See you.




Love love love: Jannah