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Cousin’s Wedding :)

10 Mar


I guess my mood of blogging has suddenly erupted. Most probably I’ll be blogging more tonight. Lepas geram. Grrrr…


So this entry was meant for last week update. But because I was so lazy and plus tired, the entry is pending.

The wedding took place last week. Many congratulations to my dearie cousin, Tengku Sapinah, or Kak Pinah.

She tied the knot on Thursday’s afternoon and sadly I didn’t managed to attend the ceremony as I was still at school at that time.  Bummer.

But the kenduri was held on Saturday and Alhamdulillah I managed to be there for her majlis 🙂


Just some snapshot on that day. I was everywhere, from the kitchen to the front, making myself looked busy ;p



The Kad Jemputan Kahwin. So simple. I kept it because I wanted to paste my timetable onto the card.



Her house is just milestone from my grandmom’s house. Neighbors to be exact ;p



The hantaran on that day. Minimalistic and simplicity were the main goal. Everything was just perfect.



Here comes the bride and groom. And oh oh, see the bunga telur? I fold them you know. So that’s my contribution to the pelamin ;p


See, my fingers turned pink because of the eggs. :p


As expected, the relatives were asking me when is my turn? So I diverted the question to my mom and walked quickly and gracefully out from the room ;p



Anyway, I wish my cousin and her husband to be happy for the rest of their life. Can’t wait for their babies to come :p




On a side of note: Me want to tawen-tawen too.




Love love love: Jannah





It’s been three years…

6 Jan





and I miss all of you…


“We only part to meet again”

– John Gay