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Oh hello again :)

31 Dec

Salam and happy afternoon.

Finally after having such a headache in figuring out how to use wordpress, this is my so-called first entry to this site.

Well, my first account for wordpress was early this year before I decided to delete it forever and reverted back to blogspot.

And now here I am again. Signing up for new account ;P

Previously, I was known as teacherjannah, and now, I go by nuruljannahmk.

Short and precise, heh?

Oh well, enough of blabbering, I welcome you to my site and hopefully this new site inspires me to write a lot.

I have no promise that I’ll write regularly but insyallah, I will write whenever I have time to do so.

And yeah, Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2011 now bebeh 🙂



Regards: Jannah