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Hey, I’m still breathing :)

14 Jan

Salam 🙂

Hey hey hey.

It’s Friday night!

What you’re going to do night?

Any plans?

As for me, I might be just staying at home, making some list.

Yes writing a list/ to-do-list.

You see, being me, I like to do a list before I do something.

It’ll make my work easier and ensure that I have everything under control.

And of course, as a teacher, a list of anything would come in handy.


Some of the examples of list that I found on the Internet:



hahahaha I know why people have sex, mind you 😛


Shopping list. Milk, apples, eggs, toilet roll, bananas, bread.



Despites all the above, Patrick’s to-do-list is my FAVOURITE.



Yes, doing nothing is ohsemmmm!!!


Anyway, I might be posting out some of  my to-do-list in future.

In the meantime, have to do one now.

Cause tomorrow, I have this big project!


Will talk about it soon 🙂


Till then gorgeous.




Happy me: Jannah


Just a friendly note

6 Jan


Just a friendly note 🙂

About My Garage Sale.

If you are interested to buy any of other items posted here, I would love to assist your request 🙂

Only you need to do is to contact me at this email address.

Just shout out which item that you want and I will revert to you back and proceed to the next step.


Ok darlings?


More questions? Sure, simply write to me and send it to my email address.


Thank you thank you. Would love to hear from you soon darls 🙂




Yours truly: Jannah


Random oh so random :0

5 Jan


Hye guys.


First of all, thank you thank you thank you for visiting this site 🙂

Hope you are enjoying yourself here by reading what’s happening around me 🙂


Okay been busy for the past three days. I am trying to get used to my kids. They are new to me. I have to teach 6 Soleh, 4 Amanah and 4 Soleh for English. Except for 6 Soleh, I haven’t meet any of my pupils from the Year 4 as I didn’t teach Year 3 last year. Hence, remembering their names was also difficult for me to do as I have approximately 130 pupils to teach and that doesn’t include PE classes. So everything was a bit too much for me to handle at the moment of speaking.

Anyway, all is well I supposed. Insyallah.

I just wanna share with you guys some of the things that are quite important to me as a teacher.


#1. License to teach- The Record Book.


As what have been advised by my dearest Headmaster, The Record Book is like a license for me to teach. It’s like, if you don’t have this, you won’t allow to enter the class. So this big and thick book has been my loyal companion since my practicum until now. You MUST write lesson plans everyday. Do not procrastinate. I repeat do not P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-E! Otherwise you will be in hell! Plus, you also have to write down the reference books and whatnot.


#2. The Timetable


Of course you need a timetable dude!  If not, you won’t be working, right? So in total I have 28 periods all together and as you can see here, Tuesday and Thursday are my nightmares. Being 3 periods straight with the Year 6 pupils is definitely a challenging moment for me to bear, whilst for Thursday, the periods between one another are so close and I have to climb those stairs!! Uwaaaa, I think I’m going to shed few kilos this year! But, mind you that this timetable is not temporary. Normally, it will change from time to time, the least is 2 times per term. So I hope I’ll be getting better timetable on the next round. Insyallah Ameen ameen.


#3. The Notes


The notes are like my life. If I lost them I would die, literally. But seriously, if I don’t have these on my hands, I’ll be like a lost kid in a supermarket surrounded by strangers. Ok, you may say that you already have the Record Book and inside that book there’s lesson plan. Yet, I still make some notes for me to refer to. It’s easy for me to hold the paper when I’m writing on the blackboard. It would be uneasy thing for me to do if I were to hold the thick book all the time. So a piece of paper consists of the notes that I were about to use comes in handy.


Some examples:

Notes for Year 6- Parts of body

Another one..

Hahahaha, I know I know I suck at sketching but trust me, the kids love these sketch when I used them today 🙂 No doubt they draw better than me in their textbook.


#4. The Books

Books are so important to every teacher. If you don’t have books, then how to teach? Tell me tell me. Anyway, textbooks are teacher’s best friend. I use textbook a lot to plan my lesson and Internet too find interesting worksheet for me to use in the class.


L: The impending book inspection. I totally forgot about this!

R: Textbook. Love the smell of new textbook.


#5.  The School Bag


Not only pupils, teacher also need a school back.  Mine is big compared to other teachers ;p Well, it’s easy for to stuff everything inside my bag including my breakfast and this tall, big green bottle



#6. The Desk

Well of course you need a desk and a chair for you to do your work right. This is what we call workstation 🙂 Well, mine at this time is so messy. I even twitted about this ;p


See. It’s still under renovation. I need to kemas this and that, here and there. I just don’t have the ample time to do it now.


#7. The Angel and The Devils


I have to put these darlings cause they are the newest addition to the school. They are angels but give them like a month or two, they will change to devils. Trust me ;p


They are in their orientation program at the moment, and this is part of the list- touring the staff room!


Look at their decent faces. Listen attentively to their teacher. Oh I am so want to be their teacher.


So now look at the angels that have turned to D-E-V-I-L-S. Behold, Year 6 Soleh.



The boys. See, I told you!


#8. The Good Company

At the end of the day, despite of all the hassles and bustles, the tenses and stresses, all you need is a damn GOOD COMPANY. My lovely colleagues. My source of gossips and laughters. People above are like my mothers. Yes, I have few mothers here in school. They give lots of advise and cooking tips too 🙂   L-R: Kak Jue, Kak Azizah and Kak Ton.

L-R: unknown (yellow scarf), Kak Fizah, Kak Shuk, Cg. Amran and unknown (red scarf)

L-R: Kak Nun, Kak Kamariah, Kak Tie, and Kak Ani. This picture was taken during last year’s cross country event and we all representing the house colors.


Ok. I think it’s enough for now. So for teachers- to- be, these are some of the basic needs in becoming a good teacher. No, a great  teacher! 🙂


Till now, peace yo!




Tired me: Jannah

Busy as bee

4 Jan



Busy mode now.


Wait for the updates 🙂


Happy working/studying or whatever you do guys!




Nitey, nitey: Jannah

Lazy lazy Sunday

2 Jan

Salam everyone!

And good morning 🙂

I am definitely not a morning person, usually I wake up around noon (hehehe) anyway since today my baby brother is going back to Macheee, so have to bid goodbye. I’m not following my parents though cause there are few things that I want to do today.

Gosh, I think my alarm doesn’t functioning very well. I set my alarm at 6 am but ended up waking up at 7 am. Is that a sign? Please don’t do that to me tomorrow! It’s school day and I don’t want to be late on my first day of school.

Despite the amount of work to be done today, I feel extremely lazy and tired yo. I feel aching all over my body. I feel so unenergized.

This is my face now. So ngantukkk


Thinking of going to school to do some decoration in my class but afraid that I am the only one in school since today is the public holiday- you know after Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki cup something something.

Haihh, so dilemma. To go or not to go. But I have plenty of things that require my attention.

I’ll decide when I woke up from my second round of sleep.


Oh, some interesting fact about blogging in wordpress.

Do you know that at this moment, there are  268,596 bloggers,401,863 new posts, 243,174comments, & 78,249,238 words today on


Look at such numbers! Wish I have time to read their blogs 🙂


Till then. Oh wake me up at 9am please :p



Sleepy headed: Jannah

First day of New Year..

1 Jan


Hye, it’s a lovely afternoon, no rains so far, Alhamdulillah 🙂

What’s your plan for the first day of New Year? I have one in my mind ;p

I think I might want to get my haircut today. Just a nice way to start the beginning of the year, right?

I’m not a risk taker, especially when it comes to my hair. Though I’m wearing scarf, certainly I don’t want to destroy my precious gift from Him.

Since I’ve round shape face, I opted to cut my hair into a bob cut style. Well, my dearly friends suggested me the style and I gave a go.


Something like this :

and this..


but heck, not like this yo :


See told ya, I’m not into trying new look :p


Anyway I like this look. Something cute and sweet, kan?


Oh well, better get ready.


See you.




Love love love: Jannah


New year and new tasks and a whole lot more!

31 Dec

Salam everyone 😉

As a teacher, this is my second year of teaching. As expected, I have to hold quite a number of responsibilities for 2011.

I have no complains about that as it is part of my duty to serve my school =) Therefore, I would like to share you some of my posts for 2011.

Oh, I have been posted to Sekolah Kebangsaan Pusat Kuala Ibai in January 4th, 2010. The school has approximately 1200++ pupils so it is a grade A school. We open 6 classes for every year, with average 32 pupils per class.

Just for the record, in 2010, 21 pupils scored straight A’s. What an accomplishment! So this year, our dearest GB hopes that we are able to get more than that insyallah under His blessings.

Alright, just an overview of what has installed for me for 2011.

  • *Class teacher for 4 Amanah
  • *28 periods of teaching.
  • *English: 4 Amanah, 4 Soleh and 6 Soleh
  • *PE: 3 Tabligh, 4 Taqwa
  • *KT: 6 Soleh
  • *Head of English Club and Society
  • *Penyelaras Tahun 5
  • *Secretary of English Panel
  • *Secretary of Pandu Puteri Tunas
  • *AJK of Peningkatan UPSR
  • *AJK of Kedai PIBG Sekolah
  • *AJK of Rekod, Persijilan dan Kemasukan Ke Sekolah Menengah
  • *AJK of Green House
  • * AJK of RMT

And not to forget as an emcee too for the school events (phewww)

(taken during Majlis Sambutan Nuzul Al-Quran 2010)

So, things are going to be so extremely chaotic for 2011 and I hope everything will turn up well, Insyallah =)

That’s all


Regards: Jannah