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Oh my dear Mr. Aslan

2 Jan


Hello sunshine!

I know we all have our own  favourite movie characters.

And of course, I have ones too.


My favourite all-time movie character, apart from the Disney characters, is our dearly Mr. Aslan




To me, Mr. Aslan portrays such a great character- as a father to the kids, advisor and the leader of Nania kingdom.

I love the way his mane moves in the films. It makes him look even handsome and powerful ­čÖé

Anyway, the third installment of the movie is already showing at the cinema. Go and adore the┬áhandsomest of Mr. Aslan ­čÖé


p/s: oh a friendly request, does anybody know how to paste screen shot in the blog site? I attempted so many times to do so but fail yo. How eh? Help me please!


Alright now.




Love: Jannah