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Where to go..where to go..

1 Jun


Hye ;p

As we all know, it’s school break now. Thank God. Alhamdulillah.

Normally people will start to make some plan on where to go during this break.

Including myself.

I have few places that I plan I want to go, 2 weeks prior to the break.

First,  Pulau Redang.

Never been there though the jetty to the island is like 15 minutes away from my house and the fact that I live in KTRG,  doesn’t really provide the opportunity for me to visit the island.

Really want to go there. Even dream of teaching there. But parents say no to my dream.


I think the island is the most perfect place for honeymooney. *blush* but seriously, who doesn’t like beach? Anyone? No one right?

The picturesque beach, so breathtaking and ahhhhh…ooohhhhhh…. I want to go there! So desperately!

Secondly, I longed for Pulau Langkawi.

Yes again, an island. This time I want to shop shop shop while visit visit visit ;p

Last time I’ve been there when I was in Standard 6. Dang, 12 years ago!

I love the places and affordable goods especially the chocolates.

Also perfect for honeymoon.. *blush again*

So cheap cheap cheap :p

I don’t mind if I am not be able to go there this time around but it would be nice if I can go there some other time 🙂

Thirdly,  Kuala Lumpur.

Why KL? The busiest place in Malaysia? Well, my brothers and sisters also my uncles and aunties plus my nephew are all in KL so I want to visit them and ehem ehem do a bit of shopping ;p

I miss KL so much. I’ve been studying for my degree in KL so I really hope that I will be there again. Honestly, every time I’m in KL, I always amazed and mesmerized by the modernization and I keep saying”oohhhh” and “aaahhhhss” . I never get enough of KL. KL always in my heart and surprised me every time I go there.

Plus, KL has lots and lots of shopping malls. sigh.  And I miss MID VALLEY MEGAMALL so MUCHHHHH!!!

However, as people say, “Kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan segalanya” 

It’s all in my dreams. The only place I’m going to spend my holidays is not Pulau Langkawi, not Pulau Redang and definitely NOT KL  but this place….

Yes, micasa.  Just going to spend my two weeks break at Kuala Ibai. My home.

Be a lazy fat girl and watch tv all day long.

And when I’m hungry, just go to the kitchen and prepare simple meal.

or perhaps do some baking

and cooking ;p

And be more fat ;p


Yeay. Home is also a perfect place to spend your holidays.

Not that bad huh?

Plus, I have my other lovable companions that need my attention and love 🙂



I also can go shopping, even I’m in Terengganu.

I  can go to Giant

Yes, this is Giant Kuala Terengganu, opens until 12am during weekends.

or Mydin Mall

Always pack with people.

Or go to TTC- Terengganu Trade Centre where at the moment, there’s a warehouse sale and book fair.

Not so bad and pathetic I guess.


Happy holidays guys!

Use your break wisely and thoughtfully.

Be safe!

Wasalam 🙂

Love: Jannah


Oh I am so tired :(

7 Jan


It’s 4pm now and the clouds are still crying 😦

I’m freezing now huuu.

I heard some of places around KT have been flooded since yesterday.

Pity them, keep strong okay?

Anyway, since today is Friday which means no school (yeay! :p), I feel like doing some cleaning. Not only my room, but also the living hall and room, kitchen and other room.

And my o my, I feel so extremely tired!

It took me almost 4 hours to complete them all. I vacuumed, mopped  and reshuffled back all the stuffs in every room. My mom did help me, just a little. Buhuuu.

Anyway some pictures after the cleaning is done.


~The Living Hall~







~ The Kitchen~



~ The Living Room~



~ My Room~

( need more touch-up, o well, later maybe)



Alright I need some rest.

In the meantime, do visit My Garage Sales ya. More stuffs are coming up.


So stay for the updates.

Thank you!




The tired me: Jannah