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Professor Slughorn

7 Jan


I am currently watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the gazillion times now.

And apart from Harry Potter himself, another character that I like is Professor Slughorn.

Professor Horace E. F. Slughorn was the Potion master and Head of Slytherin House.

The reason why I like him is because of the way he talks. So bersopan santun I must say and caring and lovable and genius too.

And because of his softness, it’s so easy for Tom Riddle to manipulate him.

Too bad 😦

I have my wand. Avada Kedavra


Beside him, I also love love loveeeeee Luna Lovegood! She is such a sweet darl! Perky yet soft spoken. Really enjoy her presence in the movie.



But check this out yo


Whooaaa, excessive use of magic, I supposed?




Anyway, I do enjoy this movie a lot regardless how many times I have watched it.


Till then,




Lalaland: Jannah



My Life in Ruins

1 Jan


It is past the midnight already and my eyes still open. My back is aching yet I am still in front of my lappy.

I am just screwed. I can’t be like this. Next week the school is opened.

I need my sleep and good rest.

Anyhow, since I’ve been pumping up with great movies, I have another great movie that yes, I have watched for 5 times, that is if I’m counted it right.

The movie is called My Life in Ruins


This movie sets in the most wonderful and historical country which is Greece.  Previously, I love Spain but boy, Greece has kicked out Spain from my number 1 list. The country is sooo beautiful and the view is just breathtaking.

This movie is about a travel guide rediscovers her romantic side on a trip around Greece. Georgia is a Greek American tour guide who is leading a tour around Greece with a bunch of misfits tourist who could not careless about the history but interested more in shopping. Throughout the tour, so many interesting events happen that will tickle you to the bones.

I love the movie so much because it gives me hope that you can find the one by any chances, at any places. And once you are honest to yourself, the love will come to you eventually.

Anyway, go and watch the movie. It is still running on Astro. Don’t miss it ya.



Ahh Greece, you are in my top list for my honeymoon, Insyallah 🙂


That’s all. Time for bed.




Love: Jannah


the 3 Idiots :P

1 Jan


Hey, it’s already quarter past to 1 am, to the new year 🙂

So how do I celebrate New Year? Oh well, movie marathon of course with my dearest mom and my little brother 🙂

I know some of you have watched this movie. To me this is my first time watching it and I told to myself  ” I have to blog about this movie!”

The title of the movie is : 3 Idiots

It’s a Hindi movie. Yeah what a night to spend on watching a Hindi movie ;p

Anyway, back to the movie, when I watched this movie, it’s already half way through so I didn’t managed to watch the first part (or maybe the second part).  The scene where I just started watching it was when Professor Virus asked Rancho to conduct a lecture (did I missed it too much?)

But, thanks much to Wikipedia, I managed to get the whole storyline, before I get to that scene.

So this movie is all about three cool friends, Raju (left), Rancho (middle)  and Farhan (left), who are studying and sharing the same room at the Imperial College of Engineering (top college in India). Among them, Rancho is the smartest and of course the mischievous one. The three of them have been a pain in the ass of ProfessionViru Sahastrabudhhe, known as Professor ViruS. Hahaha. I guess all of us would have this kind of professor during our college years, right? So they have their own reasons to get into the knowledge, such as to fulfill family’s dream et cetera et cetera.

The story resolves around the journey of reuniting the three friends through flashbacks. So many interesting events happen in their college years, like Raju attempted to commit suicide after he found out that he’s going to get expel, Rancho performed a child birth labour on the ping pong table while Farhan helped Rancho sneaked out exam paper for Raju!. But trust me, the story is so hilarious that I laughed all the way! Their epic time in college were all involved with Professor ViruS

Anyway, after the graduation day, ten years had gone and Rancho is no where to be seen. Being such close and good friends, Raju and Farhan went looking for him, along with Chatur, a character that I laughed at him the most. Chantur or Silencer is a person who always thinks that he’s the best. He and Rancho cannot get along because of jealousy. Well, Rancho got first place in the class and he got second place. You know what I am talking about, right? There is a scene where Rancho purposely sabotage him during the speech given ceremony. The minister of education, if I’m not mistaken, was there too. Rancho changed the whole speech and Chatur just memorized it and read it on that day. Damn I laughed like a mad person when Chatur recites a poem in Sanskrit language about FART. Hahaha that was priceless and just classic! My stomach burnt like hell. So funny!!!!Professor ViruS was so embarrass by the whole incident and this makes Chatur hates Rancho a lot!

After ten years, Chatur believes that he’s doing much better than Rancho. He wants to see this scientist and prospective business associate, named Phunsukh Wangdu and so he joined both Raju and Farhan’s road trip (perhaps to show off at Rancho).  They went to Rancho’s house to visit Rancho’s dad funeral, but found out that the Rancho that they met at present time, is not the one that they have befriended ten years ago! Conflict right? You have to watch this scene where Farhan and Raju crossed examined “Rancho”. Super hilarious!

You have to watch the whole story to find out the truth. I am going to watch this movie again and again and buy the CD if there’s any at the store.  Definitely worth watching!

Oh my, great movie+ great company= Good start of new year!!!

That’s all.



Regards: Jannah


### Update: Many thanks to Farhana that pointed out some misleading information about the characters. I misidentified Raju as Farhan and Farhan as Raju. Thanks again darl and thanks for reading up the entry 🙂