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It’s time for some shopping ;)

8 Apr


How’s your weekend? Mine was awesome. Had a really good time today with new acquaintance. 🙂

Had a massive food intake also. First that was KFC then moved on to AnW for dessert.

Gosh I’m so full right now!


Anyway, it’s been ages since I did some online shopping.

It was last year that I started to venture into this world and since then, I’m hooked by it.

However, due to the restriction of allowances early this year, I did zero online shopping.


Pretty impressive huh?

Well, sadly, it is NOT!


I loveeeee, loveeee and let me repeat it again, loveeee shopping!

Shopping and me CANNOT be separated.

And to not be able to shop, it’s killing my soul.

So, after almost 3 months without shopping, I can’t do this anymore.

So I went online and was fortunate to find this website.


This website is a well-known and famous online shopping website so they don’t need an introduction.

And thanks to them, my quest for shopping has succeed.

With clear image and description and affordable price, I bought this top last 2 weeks.



(sorry for the poor image. BB is weng weng 😦 )

And because I love the way they handle their buyers, I bought another top from them which expected to arrive at my homey this Sunday.


Cream Batwing Henley

Hehehehe, can’t wait for you to arrive!


And they have other interesting stuff that caught my eyes like this one,

Pink Easy Shirt

and this one..

Drawstring Tunic - Beige

and also this one..


Pleat Blue Blouse


But too bad, the tops are selling pretty fast so you better be quick before someone else grab you fav ones.


Apart from the lovely tops, they also sell belts and pants and cardigans and headbands.


Lounge Jersey Pants - Mustard

love the colour!


Brandy Jersey Cardigan - Green


Rioga Headband IV



This website has been the source if I were searching for new stuff and also for window shopping or in my case, monitor shopping :p


If you need something that is comfy and loose and whatnot, just visit this website.


Ahh, I feel alive again!


Happy shopping!!



p/s: no, I’m not being paid by them to do this post. I’m sharing it here because I love to share what I love to browse ;p





Weekend entry: Jannah 🙂


Salam dearies, I’m back =)

3 Feb

Guys, how are you been doing?

Apologize for being absent. I was so occupied for the past few days.

The whole family members are here and entertaining to their needs has become the first priority now for me at the moment of I’m typing this.

For this entry, I am using Ipad. My Goc, it is not that easy to use this gadget. I need more training yo!

I’ve been cooking and trying few new recipes and I would love to share it here. Perhaps in another entries to come, I will write some of them.

I think that’s all for now. I’m so sleepy now. It is all because of the reunion dinner that I had just now.

Till then, love you.


Holiday me: Jannah 😉

Hello again and yeah Turquoise is my new favorite colour :)

20 Jan


Hello everyone!


Thank God it’s Thursday again!


I miss blogging so much. I want to blog but I am so tired to do it. The school has becoming more and more hectic day by day.

I just have to cope with this. I know I am surely be able to go through with this. It’s my second year of teaching 🙂


So how’s your working days? Mine were great though I feel restless on Sunday, bored on Monday, tired on Tuesday, happy on Wednesday and irritated on Thursday.

Oh that didn’t mean great all.

I was just pretty bored with the school, that’s all. 😦




During my girly-girly years, my most favourite color is pink.

You know, every girl must have loveeee pink, right?

Pink dress, pink bag, pink pencil case. Everything must be in pink!

My craziness towards pink continued until I went to my tertiary education.

At that time most of my baju kurung were all based in pink color.

Why? Well partially because my mother chose the material for me ;P



See, you can see the range of my baju kurung are from pink t0 red t0 purple. But mostly in pink/reddish of course.


Even my pencil is also in pink (red) colour! and my worn out purse also comes in same shade.


If you can see closely, my cutter is also in pink, my marker pen and among them, my stapler is also pink.


And so do my laptop!


I don’t know why I have this obsession towards pink.


However, as I grew up, I mean starting this year, I have my new favorite colour.


It’s TURQUOISE baybeh!


Turquoise is a slightly slightly greenish tone of  cyan (thanks Wiki!) and it’s a basically based on gem turquoise. The word turquoise comes from the French for Turkish (credit to Wiki)




I love the colour because it is a combination of blue and green and it is just look perfect.


The colour is also good for few designs of baju kurung.


from Zery Zambry



Love the material and sleeve and cutting


Nice eh??


However, I am sooo frustrated. I couldn’t find Ana Raffali in turquoise. Love love love her dress in that color. Oh the one that she wore for last’s week Pancaindera’s cover. Yes that one!


After looking at the colour, I believe that I would love to make few baju kurung with this kind of colour this year and avoid to hunt for pink after this.


And sure I will use this colour in one of my wedding dresses, Insyallah.


Yes, Insyallah 🙂


So what’s your new favorite colour?


Sure you have new favorite colour right?


Ok, have a great weekend!






Me: Jannah



Marion Rose Caunter vs Lindsay Price

2 Jan


Hey, it’s afternoon already? Clock please stop ticking pleaseee???

Anyway, while having my chocolate cake for lunch, yes, lunch, I am now watching Lipstick Jungle Season 2.  Btw, is there any Season 3?


And truthfully, since Season 1, I noticed there is an actress in the series that has similar resemblance to our local sweetheart.


It’s between Marion Rose Caunter and Lindsay Price


See see. They do have similar features right? Like the eyes, nose and mouth.


But which one is the hottest?


My vote? hehehe secret. I love them both actually.


Do watch them in person, if you have the chances, but just stick to the tv and have a look and see if you are agree with me 🙂



Good afternoon everyone!