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It’s time for some shopping ;)

8 Apr


How’s your weekend? Mine was awesome. Had a really good time today with new acquaintance. 🙂

Had a massive food intake also. First that was KFC then moved on to AnW for dessert.

Gosh I’m so full right now!


Anyway, it’s been ages since I did some online shopping.

It was last year that I started to venture into this world and since then, I’m hooked by it.

However, due to the restriction of allowances early this year, I did zero online shopping.


Pretty impressive huh?

Well, sadly, it is NOT!


I loveeeee, loveeee and let me repeat it again, loveeee shopping!

Shopping and me CANNOT be separated.

And to not be able to shop, it’s killing my soul.

So, after almost 3 months without shopping, I can’t do this anymore.

So I went online and was fortunate to find this website.


This website is a well-known and famous online shopping website so they don’t need an introduction.

And thanks to them, my quest for shopping has succeed.

With clear image and description and affordable price, I bought this top last 2 weeks.



(sorry for the poor image. BB is weng weng 😦 )

And because I love the way they handle their buyers, I bought another top from them which expected to arrive at my homey this Sunday.


Cream Batwing Henley

Hehehehe, can’t wait for you to arrive!


And they have other interesting stuff that caught my eyes like this one,

Pink Easy Shirt

and this one..

Drawstring Tunic - Beige

and also this one..


Pleat Blue Blouse


But too bad, the tops are selling pretty fast so you better be quick before someone else grab you fav ones.


Apart from the lovely tops, they also sell belts and pants and cardigans and headbands.


Lounge Jersey Pants - Mustard

love the colour!


Brandy Jersey Cardigan - Green


Rioga Headband IV



This website has been the source if I were searching for new stuff and also for window shopping or in my case, monitor shopping :p


If you need something that is comfy and loose and whatnot, just visit this website.


Ahh, I feel alive again!


Happy shopping!!



p/s: no, I’m not being paid by them to do this post. I’m sharing it here because I love to share what I love to browse ;p





Weekend entry: Jannah 🙂


I want Mary Jane shoes

23 Jan


Feel like blogging though it’s a school night.

Planning to do teaching materials but, oh well, I feel kinda not in the mood to do it now.


Lazy me!


Anyway,  talking about shoes, it’s always been such a pain in my throat to find suitable shoes that fit my feet comfortably.

You see, I own a pair of princess feet (coming out from my colleagues).

Normally I can wear size 5, but lately I think my feet are shrinking.

The other day, when I went out with my baby bro, looking for working shoe, I headed to Vincci store.

So was trying this nice beige pump shoe and was hooked by it.

And to my surprise, the shoe was big for me, though it’s size 5.

So I tried size 4, and it’s still felt loose.

The sales girl mentioned that they did have size 3, but was out of stock.

In my mind, I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t fit size 4, let alone size 5 and had to resort to size 3?


What a surprise!


Anyhow, I still purchased the shoes and hadn’t worn it ever since.

I did buy the padding and all, but it’s still felt uncomfortable.




So, in order to solve this matter, with regards of comfortability of my feet, I did some research on the Internet and this pattern of shoe totally get into my liking.


Behold. Say yes to Mary Jane shoes



If you are a shoes collector,  no shoe collection would be complete without a chic retro look like the Mary Jane style.


You need to have at least a pair of this shoe in your closet.


I wore this kind of shoe last year and it was size 5. Though it’s felt a slightly big for my feet, it has this kind of strap or band that somehow protect the shoe from falling out from my feet.

So I did feel safe and comfortable wearing this shoe.


Sadly, I didn’t manage to get one for myself this year because I couldn’t find any of this design here.




Been looking here and there, from KL to Terengganu, to this shop and that shop, and noooooo. They didn’t sell the shoes. If they have pun, the design sucks!


If only they have this…



and this..


also this..



I’ll be more than happy to buy  all of them 😦


But, the only that I found here was like this..



See, the big, lumpy heel? So unattractive!



I am so desperately in need of new shoe for school, and I want Mary Jane shoes.




Better keep searching, right?


Wish me luck!






Yours truly: Jannah


Online shopping =)

21 Jan


Okay so by now, everyone must have done at least one online shopping, am I right?


But if you haven’t, don’t be shy. You have to got at least have one trial to online shopping. And trust me, you’ll be hooked by then :p


Last year, I have spent quite an amount of money on online shopping and in my previous blog site, I did write an entry on this topic.

So I would love to repost the entry here just to share with you the online shopping sites that I had viewed and made purchase.


It’s been a trend nowadays to do online shopping, especially when you’re a shopaholic yourself. 🙂

And online shopping is so easy to do. All you need is a laptop/ computer, an internet service, online bank account and of course your eyes and your finger tips.

Living in a such state where to get something that really nice is closely impossible to do, I opted to use online shopping.

And oh my, the feeling of getting the parcel of your purchase once it arrives is like a joy of getting a present from Mr. Santa.

Seriously, it’s a happiness.


There are hundreds of thousands of shopping blog sites that offer you this service, not to mention the pages in Facebook, which looks like a bit of night market there, that you can use to fulfill your needs to shop.

You just need to find the ones that suitable to your budget, better deal and helpful sellers.

I have a list of shopping blogs that I have bookmarked for future references which you can read it here.


One useful tip:  Do get  in touch with the seller. Ask precisely how much will it cost you. Does the price include the postage fee or not? How long will it takes for the parcel to arrive at your door step and anything that you want to know about the items that you are interested in.

Please please please don’t be a back out buyers once you’re confirmed that you’re going to pay the item. Why? Simple because perhaps you’re not the only one that want to buy the item. That item might have two or more potential buyers. If you say no at the last minute, the seller might loose other potential buyers. So please be considerate.


Happy shopping!

Oh, don’t forget to visit my shopping blog too 🙂
A shopaholic too: Jannah

Hello again and yeah Turquoise is my new favorite colour :)

20 Jan


Hello everyone!


Thank God it’s Thursday again!


I miss blogging so much. I want to blog but I am so tired to do it. The school has becoming more and more hectic day by day.

I just have to cope with this. I know I am surely be able to go through with this. It’s my second year of teaching 🙂


So how’s your working days? Mine were great though I feel restless on Sunday, bored on Monday, tired on Tuesday, happy on Wednesday and irritated on Thursday.

Oh that didn’t mean great all.

I was just pretty bored with the school, that’s all. 😦




During my girly-girly years, my most favourite color is pink.

You know, every girl must have loveeee pink, right?

Pink dress, pink bag, pink pencil case. Everything must be in pink!

My craziness towards pink continued until I went to my tertiary education.

At that time most of my baju kurung were all based in pink color.

Why? Well partially because my mother chose the material for me ;P



See, you can see the range of my baju kurung are from pink t0 red t0 purple. But mostly in pink/reddish of course.


Even my pencil is also in pink (red) colour! and my worn out purse also comes in same shade.


If you can see closely, my cutter is also in pink, my marker pen and among them, my stapler is also pink.


And so do my laptop!


I don’t know why I have this obsession towards pink.


However, as I grew up, I mean starting this year, I have my new favorite colour.


It’s TURQUOISE baybeh!


Turquoise is a slightly slightly greenish tone of  cyan (thanks Wiki!) and it’s a basically based on gem turquoise. The word turquoise comes from the French for Turkish (credit to Wiki)




I love the colour because it is a combination of blue and green and it is just look perfect.


The colour is also good for few designs of baju kurung.


from Zery Zambry



Love the material and sleeve and cutting


Nice eh??


However, I am sooo frustrated. I couldn’t find Ana Raffali in turquoise. Love love love her dress in that color. Oh the one that she wore for last’s week Pancaindera’s cover. Yes that one!


After looking at the colour, I believe that I would love to make few baju kurung with this kind of colour this year and avoid to hunt for pink after this.


And sure I will use this colour in one of my wedding dresses, Insyallah.


Yes, Insyallah 🙂


So what’s your new favorite colour?


Sure you have new favorite colour right?


Ok, have a great weekend!






Me: Jannah



My little secret :)

14 Jan


Not a sign of raining tonight and the situation in Brisbane is looking good now. So Alhamdulillah.


I’m a bit shy actually to post this entry, as it is my little secret. But, put that aside, I’m going to spill it out here.


As some of you might have known me, I am a chubby girl.

And being chubby comes with a package.

A whole set of flabby tummy and thigh.


I have to admit that, and I am not ashamed by the way my body is.




I’ve been consuming Herbalife, which I got great result! I lost almost 6 kilos last year and I did enroll to aerobic class which totally helped me to get the number that I desire.

Therefore, as a result, some of the areas in my body have become flabby.

It didn’t look that much appealing when I look at those areas.



Until I watched Oprah show (last year) which talked about getting good figure under your clothes.

Oprah Winfrey invited Sara Blakely, the creator behind this product, called Spanx, in her show after she discovered this product and been raving about it ever since- the Spanx pantyhose.

Spanx creator Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely on Oprah


And at instant, I got hooked with this brand.


What is Spanx btw?


Spanx is a some sort of clothing helps you to get your desire body shape by wearing a vast selection slimming intimates, comfortable body shapers, shaping hosiery & tights, apparel and much more. Once you wear it, it makes you look a size smaller, got rid of the panty line and smooth everything out.


No more flabby tummy and thighs!


Realizing upon that fact which it hides flabby tummy and thighs, I decided to have my own Spanx.

Yet, at that time (last year), I have no extra money to purchase it until early of November 2010.


I managed to get quite a good bargain price from this online store,, that sells variety of Spanx product.


Being a virgin to Spanx’s, I have no idea what to choose, but she helped me out by suggesting me to get the Super Higher Spanx.

And so I did!


The package arrived early this January after been waiting for almost 3 weeks from US.



and it comes with this cute card..



So, I’ve been wearing it for the past two weeks to school and you know what, every colleague that I met, EVERYONE asked me why I’m so “kurus” (oh I won’t say skinny because I’m not skinny). They noticed the differences in my body shape I supposed.

But hey, I won’t tell them that I’m wearing Spanx 😛 That’s my secret! (although I blew it out here ;p)

yz6w.jpgme wearing Spanx

It’s so easy to wear and easy to wash. Normally I wash it every couple of nights with my body wash foam because I only wore it for like 7 hours.


I feel like getting  my second Spanx sooner.  :p


Go and check out this product as it won’t fail you down. But again, to get great body, eat good food and workouts are vital!


Healthy Food+ Regular Workouts + Spanx = Ohsemmmmm body!!

(oh I’m not talking about myself here. Didn’t get that ohseemmm body yet)



Orait, there you go, my secret.


Enjoy your weekend!




Me being me: Jannah






My Garage Sales update

7 Jan



Hye just quick update.

I decided to put up new site for My Garage Sales

You can go here to view for more.

or you can just click on link under Blogroll.


I will still upload few stuff here and the whole batch at the aforementioned site.


Orait, happy viewing and shopping!




New stuff for tomorrow and onwards :)

2 Jan


This is going to be short and quick as I haven’t done my lesson plan yet and teaching materials. The clock is ticking!!

Anyway, I thought there is no harm to start the new school term with new stuff, right?

I got myself a couple of women’s basic necessities so that I look presentable in school.


So what are the things?


Firstly, of course clothings for work.


I sent couple of kain baju kurung and kebaya to the tailor in November and today I got them all. There are seven of them but I won’t wear new clothes everyday. A definitely no no! Maybe I wear one of them for tomorrow and alternate them every fortnight.


3 baju kurung moden, 2 baju kebaya, 1 baju kurung johor, and 1 baju kurung biasa.


Secondly, shoes!!!


Yes, I need new shoes as the old one already worn out. I wore that only shoes for the rest of the year and it’s still wearable though a bit lusuh 🙂

The shoes look a bit like this. I was too lazy to take the photo.


Handbags! Yeay but too bad I have no pictures to be put here.


And not to forget, my Mumu also got her first accessory, free from 7UP hehehe


A sun protecter/ cover- I don’t know the real term so sorry for the wrong use of noun.


Alrighty, have to go. Told you it’s going to be short and quick.


Meet you tomorrow darlings.




Much and more love: Jannah 🙂