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Long hiatus..sigh~

22 May


Wow, it’s been almost a month now.

Last blog entry was on 16th April.

Such a long time.

And I’m totally surprised to see the new wordpress layout.

So cool!

Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus. Been spending most of my time with school duties.

Hate, hate, hate.

It’s like I don’t have no life except for school life.

Fret not, it’s going to be like this for another 6 months and after that I’m freeeeee (well for a month or so)

Yet, I know I will survive this.

Yes I can!

Deep apologize for being in silence. Heck, never thought people are coming to read my unthoughtful writing :p

But thank you thank you thank you!

Will try to update myself on this blog.

Insyallah 🙂

And also been thinking of updating my other blog.

You know, My Garage Sales.

I have found some of the clothes (still new) that I need to let go at crazy prices.

 So stay tuned.

Ok, should get going now. My nasi goreng is waiting for me.

Oh oh, fyi, I haven’t done a lot of cooking/baking these days.

But I have few recipes that I want to share here but need to try it first.

Ok, ok, me is hungry.

Night night


Back again! : Jannah


Hey, I’m still breathing :)

14 Jan

Salam 🙂

Hey hey hey.

It’s Friday night!

What you’re going to do night?

Any plans?

As for me, I might be just staying at home, making some list.

Yes writing a list/ to-do-list.

You see, being me, I like to do a list before I do something.

It’ll make my work easier and ensure that I have everything under control.

And of course, as a teacher, a list of anything would come in handy.


Some of the examples of list that I found on the Internet:



hahahaha I know why people have sex, mind you 😛


Shopping list. Milk, apples, eggs, toilet roll, bananas, bread.



Despites all the above, Patrick’s to-do-list is my FAVOURITE.



Yes, doing nothing is ohsemmmm!!!


Anyway, I might be posting out some of  my to-do-list in future.

In the meantime, have to do one now.

Cause tomorrow, I have this big project!


Will talk about it soon 🙂


Till then gorgeous.




Happy me: Jannah

Being away

12 Jan



Hye hye hye 🙂


I’ve been busy lately with school of course.

And meetings for sure.

I went back home at 3pm for almost everyday and I got tired.

But that’s not an excuse right?

I have plenty to write here and Insyallah will do it by this week.

Insyallah Insyallah.


Till then. See you soon.




The tired me:  Jannah

Oh I am so tired :(

7 Jan


It’s 4pm now and the clouds are still crying 😦

I’m freezing now huuu.

I heard some of places around KT have been flooded since yesterday.

Pity them, keep strong okay?

Anyway, since today is Friday which means no school (yeay! :p), I feel like doing some cleaning. Not only my room, but also the living hall and room, kitchen and other room.

And my o my, I feel so extremely tired!

It took me almost 4 hours to complete them all. I vacuumed, mopped  and reshuffled back all the stuffs in every room. My mom did help me, just a little. Buhuuu.

Anyway some pictures after the cleaning is done.


~The Living Hall~







~ The Kitchen~



~ The Living Room~



~ My Room~

( need more touch-up, o well, later maybe)



Alright I need some rest.

In the meantime, do visit My Garage Sales ya. More stuffs are coming up.


So stay for the updates.

Thank you!




The tired me: Jannah



The stares

6 Jan


I need to start doing my lesson plan. It’s almost one am. I feel like doing an assignment. Yeah. Totally.

Anyway, those unwanted stares. Can you please not stare at me no more?


Cause you make my heart starts beating really fast.

Yes you are.

So please, don’t do what you like to do.

Thank you!





Busy as bee

4 Jan



Busy mode now.


Wait for the updates 🙂


Happy working/studying or whatever you do guys!




Nitey, nitey: Jannah

Gloomy as it always been..

2 Jan


Evening all.

It’s been raining here. The sun is too shy to show herself.

And it’s so gloomy here. Feels like night forever.

And I pity those who have to face the flood at this time. You know, when school is reopened tomorrow, things are not according to plan.

And the kids, ahh the kids, they must have been very sad for not having appropriate school attires since they are all have been washed away by the flood.  Keciann

I hope those flood victims can pull themselves together and be strong. Surely helps are on their way to assist all of you at any time.

As for me, gloomy day means more sleeping during the day, hehehe yikes. No la. I have been busy preparing some materials for tomorrow. Yes, I have full “kefi” in my sleeves now 🙂



The gloomy day in Kuala Ibai. Oh meet Mumu, the latest addition to the family.


Till now, have to go to Kak Mimey’s house to collect some baju. She’s my new tailor now.




Brrrrr: Jannah