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A week before the school holidays begin.

1 Jun


Today is the first June of 2011. Wow, time flies. Fast. I mean really fast.

We’re already in the middle of the year and soon, it’s the end of 2011.

6 months to go to achieve all the resolutions for this year.


Anyway, I’m quite sure that everyone knows right now schools all over Malaysia are closed for the first mid term break.


But my holidays only began on Tuesday (31st March) though the holidays started on the 26th as I have two slot of extra classes.

Glad it’s over now.

However, a week before the holidays start, my school (and all schools in Malaysia) conducted mid term examination.


To be honest, I don’t really like exam because it makes me feel nervous and scared.

But right now, I’m the one who had to prepare my kids to face the exams. And I still feel nervous and scared, for the kids of course.

So, this is how my desk would look like when the exam is around the corner. For this exam, I had to count the exam paper for English subject (Year 4) and PE subject (Year 3).  I need to staple the paper and organize the objective papers as well so it’s kinda messy here.


Apart from that, every one of us (the teachers) will receive this tiny winy timetable for class supervision. Why it’s tiny winy. This is why.


 Yeah, the letter is so small and so close to each other that every teacher always got confused by it. Even me myself. I always carried this timetable even to the canteen as a precaution and a reminder where I was supposed to be at this hour and as such.

According to the timetable, I had to ‘jaga’ the Level 1 classes. Wow, it’s so super duper tiring ya know. Kids didn’t want to sit still to their chair and table and I had to always ensure they did all the questions.  Plus, they kept on asking how to do this and that. It’s so challenging even to make them  not to talk to each other during the exam.

Yet I succeed. Victory was all mine. Hehehehehe. I became as fierce as hell and always gave a smirk whenever the kids asked for second and third times. And I listed down all the rules every time before the exam started and made them understand what I like and what I don’t like them to do when exam in session. Alhamdulillah, it worked!

Even the last 2 classes was scared of me!

Pity them. But what to do. They needed a bit of discipline.

To kill the boredom, I took pictures of the kids during the exam.


First day. 2 Fatonah. Paper BM (2)


More of them.  2 Fatonah is the fourth class out of 6 classes so they are a slow learner. Some of them are still having difficulties in reading and writing.


Ok, remember I told you about the giving out the rules? This is one of the rules and I applied it to every class that I need to monitor.  The rule demands the pupils to sleep after they had completed all questions in the paper. By doing this, I will know how many haven’t finished and it kept the pupils quiet.


Year 1 Fatonah. Small people, bigggggg mouthh!!!

Smart girls. Sampai tertidur-tidur nak jawab peksa. :p


 And this boy, Hafis, is totally look like Airiel, my nephew. Seriously!  Handsome boy with funny voice ;p

Arabic paper . I even need the ustazah to translate the instruction ;p So xtau okes!

Science. Easy peasy :p

The kids didn’t need to color the pictures but because they finished way to early, I asked them to color all pictures in the paper and later sleep after they had finished.


Nonetheless, I love these boys. Fatty fatty bum bum :p. Year 1 Siddiq

Dang, it was so hot throughout the exam week. I felt like melting.

Scorching hot!

All right so that’s all. Glad that the exam was over. Yet I had piles of exam papers that needed to be marked. Alhamdulillah, only one subject that I haven’t finished.

And I’m so proud of my 6 Soleh. 4 of them got C for English! Yeay!!

Oh okay. Got to go now. See you later peeps!


Busy me: Jannah 🙂


Hey hey :)

4 Apr


I will make it short and quick ;p

I always love planning for things that I do for the first time.

It’s some sort of a new experience for me where I have nothing to expect except for just embrace the experience.

Like last week where the English Panel decided to conduct a Mini Concert for English Week end of this month.

So it’s like choose one class that you teach and prepare a performance- be it a singing, storytelling etc.

At first, I decided to do a choral speaking. But, ( yes I hate the word BUT) it’s too challenging for them to memorize the script in a short time.

Thus, I moved on to the second one which is action song. Yet, I want all  my 31 pupils to get involved, so it’s a bit difficult for me to  choreograph the steps and such.

I was at the dead end! 😦

Until I watched the Glee promo- the ones with Teenage Dreams song. So my light bulb sparks again and I thought why not performing a singing choir- like Glee- with the selection of 3-4 nursery songs.

Right now, I am googling and collecting the songs whereby besides my pupils, I want the audiences to take part as well.

Please guys, wish me all the best in pulling off everything and make it work!

Ok there, my super quick update for April. So sorry no picture 😦

Till then!


p/s: I am fine alhamdulillah. No more stress. I hope it will last long.




Love love and much love: Jannah

Hey hey I’m back ^0^

10 Mar


Hey bloggers, I’m back!

After a month of my disappearance from blogging, tonight I got the chance to write the impending entry (or entries).

Gosh I have so much to share here, peeps!.

But for the come back tonight, I would to love announce you that



For the east coast, holidays literally start today. And thank God that the pupils are having OTI this week. But it means that I have piles of exam papers to be marked down.


So school will be off from 11th of March till 19th of March which exactly 10 off days. Wehuu.



The kids are extremely happy with the fact they are dismissed from school ( for a week only!) after been working so hard studying for the exams. Glad that they are going to have a short break before coming back for new school session and learn and study harder for the Mid Term exam.

However, as today’s teachers, holidays don’t bring any meaning at all. Teachers still got to work and especially for the ones who are teaching the exams class- UPSR, PMR or SPM. I am 100% sure that the schools are arranging extra class for them. So holidays= no holidays.  But it’s fine for me. I am not planning any getaway so it didn’t bother me the most as long as I got enough rest which mean getting up at the really super later hours. Noons if I should write it down :p


Anyways, here’s some of the things that I am most definitely going to do during this break.


#1. Extra Class


No need to comment on this. It’s pretty much expected that I have got class to teach during the break. I decided to conduct my class on Monday as I want to watch Melodi on Sunday :p


#2. Netball Practice



So I have to be on the field (for 2 days) to watch the kids practice and also got the chance to practice my skills as umpire as I have been appointed to be Netball Umpire. Pretty cool huh? What a new experience for me ;p


#3. Exam Papers


Perfect time for marking. Less rushing for the datelines.  The break is giving me ample time to mark the paper at ease. Alhamdulillah.


So that’s the must-do-things for my holidays. Other thing that I would like to do is to polish my cooking skill. Got to learn new recipes from mom’s cook book and bake more and more delicious food.




Yet, one thing that I would definitely miss about school is this little creature.  My handsome boy. My Belang.

He sure gonna lose some weight. No worries, mama will feed you with more Friskies. Promise!



So what’s your plan for holiday?


Have a good one!


There, my first entry since last February 🙂





Love: Jannah

I want Mary Jane shoes

23 Jan


Feel like blogging though it’s a school night.

Planning to do teaching materials but, oh well, I feel kinda not in the mood to do it now.


Lazy me!


Anyway,  talking about shoes, it’s always been such a pain in my throat to find suitable shoes that fit my feet comfortably.

You see, I own a pair of princess feet (coming out from my colleagues).

Normally I can wear size 5, but lately I think my feet are shrinking.

The other day, when I went out with my baby bro, looking for working shoe, I headed to Vincci store.

So was trying this nice beige pump shoe and was hooked by it.

And to my surprise, the shoe was big for me, though it’s size 5.

So I tried size 4, and it’s still felt loose.

The sales girl mentioned that they did have size 3, but was out of stock.

In my mind, I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t fit size 4, let alone size 5 and had to resort to size 3?


What a surprise!


Anyhow, I still purchased the shoes and hadn’t worn it ever since.

I did buy the padding and all, but it’s still felt uncomfortable.




So, in order to solve this matter, with regards of comfortability of my feet, I did some research on the Internet and this pattern of shoe totally get into my liking.


Behold. Say yes to Mary Jane shoes



If you are a shoes collector,  no shoe collection would be complete without a chic retro look like the Mary Jane style.


You need to have at least a pair of this shoe in your closet.


I wore this kind of shoe last year and it was size 5. Though it’s felt a slightly big for my feet, it has this kind of strap or band that somehow protect the shoe from falling out from my feet.

So I did feel safe and comfortable wearing this shoe.


Sadly, I didn’t manage to get one for myself this year because I couldn’t find any of this design here.




Been looking here and there, from KL to Terengganu, to this shop and that shop, and noooooo. They didn’t sell the shoes. If they have pun, the design sucks!


If only they have this…



and this..


also this..



I’ll be more than happy to buy  all of them 😦


But, the only that I found here was like this..



See, the big, lumpy heel? So unattractive!



I am so desperately in need of new shoe for school, and I want Mary Jane shoes.




Better keep searching, right?


Wish me luck!






Yours truly: Jannah


What new teachers should bring on the first day of school :)

21 Jan




I know right now the juniors are eager to know their posting and believe me, I’ve been there and totally understand the feelings of waiting and waiting and waiting and hoping that Mr.Postman will arrive together with the posting letter.


Totally get you!


However, as you’re waited so patiently for the letter to arrive, perhaps a little preparation before going to the appointed school is always comes in handy. And it can actually bring good first impression when you meet and greet the school administration, for example, the one that will process our gaji and stuff, the chief clerk, or better known as CC.


I am aware that perhaps at this stage, the newbies are already prepared everything, which is very good! and it shows your commitment to serve the country, yet a checklist wouldn’t be any harm, right?


Okay I just reposted what our super senior had posted back in 2009. He is known as Ah Kam Koko (Jared) and you can view his blog here.


So, these are some of the documents that you MUST bring during your ‘ Lapor Diri’, to be handed in to your Ketua Jabatan, that is your Headmaster or Principal . Bring the original and photocopy ones.


The Documents



#1. All your Secondary School & Tertiary co-curricular certificates

#2. Academic certificates & transcripts (PhD/Masters/Degree/Diploma/STPM/SPM)

#3. Birth certificate

#4. Identity card

#5. Placement letter (If available)

#6. KWSP details (If available)

#7. Income tax details (If available)

#8. Marriage certificate (If available)

#9. BTN certificate (if available)

#10. KISSM certificate (If available)

#11. Bank Account Book




#1. Bring all your certificates and just do 3 copies of every certs. It’s imperative for you to have your ‘Sijil Berhenti Sekolah’ and your SPM slip result.  If both documents suddenly went missing, go to your ex-school and ask for the new documents ok?


#2. All right, for QUTees, if you’re not attending the graduation day end of last year, you were asked to fill up a form via QUT Virtual, saying that you want your transcript to be posted to your hometown. Assuming you have done this, you should be getting your transcript by now. Again you have to make copies for them to keep it. If you haven’t handed in your transcript, it will cause a delay in processing your gaji. Some schools might just process your salary with or without the transcript, but others might take this into serious matter, depends on the school.

I’m not sure for other universities. But the procedures are remained the same.


#3 & #4. If you have accidentally lost your birth certificate and identity card, go to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara and ask for replacement.


#5. Sometimes, on certain occasion, you might have to report first at PPD (that is after you make calls to several JPNs and confirm which state  you’ll be teaching then later know your district) before you know the name of the school. Don’t worry. The school has been informed about your arrival to the school. Just smile and walk with confidence though you don’t have the letter. For me, Mr. Postman sent me a letter that says:



I had to attend the briefing first which the Pengarah Jabatan Pelajaran at that time gave his speech. Only during that briefing, he gave me another envelope that stated the name of the school that I’ve been posted to. Again, the procedure may varies from one JPN to another.


#6. Easy to do, just go to your nearest KWSP office and open an account. They will print out the slip and please make copies, k?


#7. Don’t worry about this, you haven’t received your first salary. The CC will advise you on this later on.


#8. It’s for your file. Tp sapa yang xdak lg tp nak letak jgk, sila kawin cepat2.


#9. According to the website, you need to pass the SPP interview first before you can apply for BTN. So don’t worry about this okay? If you have one, please please make copies.


#10. You can use the ‘Sijil Kehadiran’ first before you can actually get the real ones. I haven’t received mine. Wonder what happen to the certificate.


#11. Ahhhh, the important document of all. Do bring your bank account book or slip, the latest one.



Among the above, please bring the blue forms, surat ‘Akuan Sumpah’, surat tawaran and such. Make sure you have filled up everything (except for the nama penempatan) before you hand in the documents.



Ok best thing to do this is to prepare a file and arrange the documents accordingly.


Please again, make COPIES.


All right, happy preparing.


Remember, first impression is important. Dress well, greet the teachers though they are unknown to you and give a big smile 🙂 Though you feel homesick, scared and whatnot, put that aside for a bit of time and embrace your first day of school.


Expect the unexpected. Get along with the teachers and find your mentor. Oh I should say find your Head of Panel first for textbook and CS. Be ready with anything that will be thrown at you.


Good Luck!



Love xoxo,


Happy to help : Jannah





Year 1 Sukaneka @ SKPKI

14 Jan


3 entries for tonight.

Told you I have a lot to write!



Anyway, as part of  “Program Transisi Tahun 1”, the Year 1 kiddos were having a mini games last Thursday.

I managed to get a glimpse of the mini games since it was being held at the center of the school buildings.

It was a pleasure to meet and greet the Year 1 since I haven’t had the chance to do so.

I think I missed part of the games but managed to capture them using my hengpong.


Some pictures will be helpful, right?



As they were divided into groups, these were the ones that had gone through the games and waited not so patiently for other round of games.


and this one didn’t want to let go of this ball.



It was so hard to make them sat still as they were moving all round me. I had to be quick to take this picture as they were so hyper active. Initially they were 10 of them before this picture was taken but, being like 1o budak hitam, only 4 budak hitam yang survived. The remaining six were all over the place.



Ahhhh…see..the teacher were all gossiping. No wonder :p


And girls were always being girls..



They waited patiently for their turns and listen attentively to the instructions.





Until the end…


Oh well, I think as long as I am teaching in this school, there’s no chance that I’ll be teaching Year 1. Period.




Because I am currently teaching level 2.






Good night all.


Big project ahead.




Busy bee: Jannah

Paperworks that I “adore”

10 Jan


Hey, what a night!

Ana Raffali won, Faizal Tahir lost.

And the rest is history.


Anyway, I have to do this paperwork. Well every teacher in my school have to do this.


But in a way, this volume of work can help me to strategies my teaching.


See see.

Ok this is a quick update only.


Talk to you later peeps.






Love: Jannah