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Long hiatus..sigh~

22 May


Wow, it’s been almost a month now.

Last blog entry was on 16th April.

Such a long time.

And I’m totally surprised to see the new wordpress layout.

So cool!

Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus. Been spending most of my time with school duties.

Hate, hate, hate.

It’s like I don’t have no life except for school life.

Fret not, it’s going to be like this for another 6 months and after that I’m freeeeee (well for a month or so)

Yet, I know I will survive this.

Yes I can!

Deep apologize for being in silence. Heck, never thought people are coming to read my unthoughtful writing :p

But thank you thank you thank you!

Will try to update myself on this blog.

Insyallah 🙂

And also been thinking of updating my other blog.

You know, My Garage Sales.

I have found some of the clothes (still new) that I need to let go at crazy prices.

 So stay tuned.

Ok, should get going now. My nasi goreng is waiting for me.

Oh oh, fyi, I haven’t done a lot of cooking/baking these days.

But I have few recipes that I want to share here but need to try it first.

Ok, ok, me is hungry.

Night night


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