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Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England

16 Apr


Hey, how’s your weekend so far?

Mine is full with work, work and moooreeeee work.


But it ain’t stop me to blog.

In the middle of finishing some paper work for Smart English Program and I was doing it in front of television, I saw some clips of Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England.

One of the clips mention that Kate or Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, is the princess of 21st century. And I totally agreed with that.

She is hype and chic and so stylish and her looks are flawless. She is born to be a princess although she has no royal bloodlines whatsover and her parents have no title and just a commoner.

And I absolutely adore her dress during her engagement to Prince William.

Adore much, eh?

Love love loveee her dress!


She just looks so effortlessly beautiful!

Well, I think her body figure does help her looks. Long spidery legs and tall, yes you will look gorgeous in whatever you are wearing.

Yet, I think she fits the place as future queen  and people will definitely look her up as a replacement for  the loss of Princess Diana’s pure beauty, poise and great personality.

Kate Middleton- The Future Queen of England.

Ok, there you go.

My short entry and yes I am so looking forward to the royal wedding this 29th April 2011. Two weeks to go!

Bye, enjoy the rest of the day.


Back to work: Jannah


Soup-of-the-day :)

8 Apr


Do you have your own comfort food?

I have mine 😛


I’ve found the simple recipe of my comfort food.

To me, comfort food should be the food that is so easy to do with easy to get ingredients and you can make it at anytime for anytime.

My ultimate comfort food is mushroom soup.

At first, whenever I feel like eating mushroom soup, I normally make it out from the box.

The instant one, like from Campbell..


or when I’m dining in at Pizza Hut or any restaurant, I always ordered mushroom soup as for the starter




However, to make it yourself is much satisfying rather than eating out from the box or at the restaurant (which I believe they use the same method- out from the can/box).

And thank you to Cikgu Munirah (my colleague), she gave me this hearty, well balanced mushroom recipe.


I made mushroom soup for gazillion times now and all my family members love it!


Trust me, it’s so easy to make.


All you need is:


2 cups of low fat Dutchlady milk

1/2 cup of plain flour

chopped chicken

chopped mushroom

2 cubes of chicken stock

salt, pepper and oregano flakes



First, mix the flour and milk in a big pot. Mix them well and make sure the mixture is smooth and not lumpy


Then, add the mushroom and chicken and the chicken stock into the mixture and continue stirring


Next, cook it over medium heat. Stir until it boils and becomes pekat and season it with salt, pepper and oregano flakes.


And wallaaaaaa, my comfort food is done! Serve it with hot buns or crackers or just eat it like that!



Yumm! Seriously, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to make this and you have one big pot to share with your loved ones or perhaps to only yourself 🙂


Happy trying guys!




Ok done with 2 entries tonight: Jannah

It’s time for some shopping ;)

8 Apr


How’s your weekend? Mine was awesome. Had a really good time today with new acquaintance. 🙂

Had a massive food intake also. First that was KFC then moved on to AnW for dessert.

Gosh I’m so full right now!


Anyway, it’s been ages since I did some online shopping.

It was last year that I started to venture into this world and since then, I’m hooked by it.

However, due to the restriction of allowances early this year, I did zero online shopping.


Pretty impressive huh?

Well, sadly, it is NOT!


I loveeeee, loveeee and let me repeat it again, loveeee shopping!

Shopping and me CANNOT be separated.

And to not be able to shop, it’s killing my soul.

So, after almost 3 months without shopping, I can’t do this anymore.

So I went online and was fortunate to find this website.


This website is a well-known and famous online shopping website so they don’t need an introduction.

And thanks to them, my quest for shopping has succeed.

With clear image and description and affordable price, I bought this top last 2 weeks.



(sorry for the poor image. BB is weng weng 😦 )

And because I love the way they handle their buyers, I bought another top from them which expected to arrive at my homey this Sunday.


Cream Batwing Henley

Hehehehe, can’t wait for you to arrive!


And they have other interesting stuff that caught my eyes like this one,

Pink Easy Shirt

and this one..

Drawstring Tunic - Beige

and also this one..


Pleat Blue Blouse


But too bad, the tops are selling pretty fast so you better be quick before someone else grab you fav ones.


Apart from the lovely tops, they also sell belts and pants and cardigans and headbands.


Lounge Jersey Pants - Mustard

love the colour!


Brandy Jersey Cardigan - Green


Rioga Headband IV



This website has been the source if I were searching for new stuff and also for window shopping or in my case, monitor shopping :p


If you need something that is comfy and loose and whatnot, just visit this website.


Ahh, I feel alive again!


Happy shopping!!



p/s: no, I’m not being paid by them to do this post. I’m sharing it here because I love to share what I love to browse ;p





Weekend entry: Jannah 🙂

Hey hey :)

4 Apr


I will make it short and quick ;p

I always love planning for things that I do for the first time.

It’s some sort of a new experience for me where I have nothing to expect except for just embrace the experience.

Like last week where the English Panel decided to conduct a Mini Concert for English Week end of this month.

So it’s like choose one class that you teach and prepare a performance- be it a singing, storytelling etc.

At first, I decided to do a choral speaking. But, ( yes I hate the word BUT) it’s too challenging for them to memorize the script in a short time.

Thus, I moved on to the second one which is action song. Yet, I want all  my 31 pupils to get involved, so it’s a bit difficult for me to  choreograph the steps and such.

I was at the dead end! 😦

Until I watched the Glee promo- the ones with Teenage Dreams song. So my light bulb sparks again and I thought why not performing a singing choir- like Glee- with the selection of 3-4 nursery songs.

Right now, I am googling and collecting the songs whereby besides my pupils, I want the audiences to take part as well.

Please guys, wish me all the best in pulling off everything and make it work!

Ok there, my super quick update for April. So sorry no picture 😦

Till then!


p/s: I am fine alhamdulillah. No more stress. I hope it will last long.




Love love and much love: Jannah