Hey hey I’m back ^0^

10 Mar


Hey bloggers, I’m back!

After a month of my disappearance from blogging, tonight I got the chance to write the impending entry (or entries).

Gosh I have so much to share here, peeps!.

But for the come back tonight, I would to love announce you that



For the east coast, holidays literally start today. And thank God that the pupils are having OTI this week. But it means that I have piles of exam papers to be marked down.


So school will be off from 11th of March till 19th of March which exactly 10 off days. Wehuu.



The kids are extremely happy with the fact they are dismissed from school ( for a week only!) after been working so hard studying for the exams. Glad that they are going to have a short break before coming back for new school session and learn and study harder for the Mid Term exam.

However, as today’s teachers, holidays don’t bring any meaning at all. Teachers still got to work and especially for the ones who are teaching the exams class- UPSR, PMR or SPM. I am 100% sure that the schools are arranging extra class for them. So holidays= no holidays.  But it’s fine for me. I am not planning any getaway so it didn’t bother me the most as long as I got enough rest which mean getting up at the really super later hours. Noons if I should write it down :p


Anyways, here’s some of the things that I am most definitely going to do during this break.


#1. Extra Class


No need to comment on this. It’s pretty much expected that I have got class to teach during the break. I decided to conduct my class on Monday as I want to watch Melodi on Sunday :p


#2. Netball Practice



So I have to be on the field (for 2 days) to watch the kids practice and also got the chance to practice my skills as umpire as I have been appointed to be Netball Umpire. Pretty cool huh? What a new experience for me ;p


#3. Exam Papers


Perfect time for marking. Less rushing for the datelines.  The break is giving me ample time to mark the paper at ease. Alhamdulillah.


So that’s the must-do-things for my holidays. Other thing that I would like to do is to polish my cooking skill. Got to learn new recipes from mom’s cook book and bake more and more delicious food.




Yet, one thing that I would definitely miss about school is this little creature.  My handsome boy. My Belang.

He sure gonna lose some weight. No worries, mama will feed you with more Friskies. Promise!



So what’s your plan for holiday?


Have a good one!


There, my first entry since last February 🙂





Love: Jannah


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