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11 Feb



So many things to write yet so little time to do.


I am sorry.




Busy me: Jannah


Salam dearies, I’m back =)

3 Feb

Guys, how are you been doing?

Apologize for being absent. I was so occupied for the past few days.

The whole family members are here and entertaining to their needs has become the first priority now for me at the moment of I’m typing this.

For this entry, I am using Ipad. My Goc, it is not that easy to use this gadget. I need more training yo!

I’ve been cooking and trying few new recipes and I would love to share it here. Perhaps in another entries to come, I will write some of them.

I think that’s all for now. I’m so sleepy now. It is all because of the reunion dinner that I had just now.

Till then, love you.


Holiday me: Jannah 😉