Hey, I’m still breathing :)

14 Jan

Salam 🙂

Hey hey hey.

It’s Friday night!

What you’re going to do night?

Any plans?

As for me, I might be just staying at home, making some list.

Yes writing a list/ to-do-list.

You see, being me, I like to do a list before I do something.

It’ll make my work easier and ensure that I have everything under control.

And of course, as a teacher, a list of anything would come in handy.


Some of the examples of list that I found on the Internet:



hahahaha I know why people have sex, mind you 😛


Shopping list. Milk, apples, eggs, toilet roll, bananas, bread.



Despites all the above, Patrick’s to-do-list is my FAVOURITE.



Yes, doing nothing is ohsemmmm!!!


Anyway, I might be posting out some of  my to-do-list in future.

In the meantime, have to do one now.

Cause tomorrow, I have this big project!


Will talk about it soon 🙂


Till then gorgeous.




Happy me: Jannah


2 Responses to “Hey, I’m still breathing :)”

  1. juju January 14, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    hi jan!

    me too! ju memang suke bile buat to-do-list. my wall penuh dgn sticky notes.. hehehe,
    the patrick’s list is comel! 🙂

    • nuruljannahmk January 14, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

      hahaha patrick’s list tu sgt kene kan? me oso, kt meja guru cm byk sgt sticky notes tu.sb slalu lupe nk buat ape. beside that, jan pn ade jgk buku 555 utk tulis ape yg kene buat. sgt sgt pelupe huuu

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