Lazy lazy Sunday

2 Jan

Salam everyone!

And good morning 🙂

I am definitely not a morning person, usually I wake up around noon (hehehe) anyway since today my baby brother is going back to Macheee, so have to bid goodbye. I’m not following my parents though cause there are few things that I want to do today.

Gosh, I think my alarm doesn’t functioning very well. I set my alarm at 6 am but ended up waking up at 7 am. Is that a sign? Please don’t do that to me tomorrow! It’s school day and I don’t want to be late on my first day of school.

Despite the amount of work to be done today, I feel extremely lazy and tired yo. I feel aching all over my body. I feel so unenergized.

This is my face now. So ngantukkk


Thinking of going to school to do some decoration in my class but afraid that I am the only one in school since today is the public holiday- you know after Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki cup something something.

Haihh, so dilemma. To go or not to go. But I have plenty of things that require my attention.

I’ll decide when I woke up from my second round of sleep.


Oh, some interesting fact about blogging in wordpress.

Do you know that at this moment, there are  268,596 bloggers,401,863 new posts, 243,174comments, & 78,249,238 words today on


Look at such numbers! Wish I have time to read their blogs 🙂


Till then. Oh wake me up at 9am please :p



Sleepy headed: Jannah


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