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Sad =(

25 Jan



I am so sad tonight.


And I feel like crying =(





Unhappy me: Jannah



Care for your health?

24 Jan



You want to have good health, right?


Well, as a renowned customer product, Nestle has all the answers.


Do click here!


Seriously, you have to check this out!





Need your blog links =)

24 Jan



Hey, it’s midnight. Why do you still not in bed, huh?




I need your favor. If you happen to read my blog and have your own blog, do leave your link here at the comment section.


Please please please…


I would love to put up your blog links here so that I will be able to read up your blog too.


Ok, deal?


All right, that’s all.


Good night sayang!




Love: Jannah

I want Mary Jane shoes

23 Jan


Feel like blogging though it’s a school night.

Planning to do teaching materials but, oh well, I feel kinda not in the mood to do it now.


Lazy me!


Anyway,  talking about shoes, it’s always been such a pain in my throat to find suitable shoes that fit my feet comfortably.

You see, I own a pair of princess feet (coming out from my colleagues).

Normally I can wear size 5, but lately I think my feet are shrinking.

The other day, when I went out with my baby bro, looking for working shoe, I headed to Vincci store.

So was trying this nice beige pump shoe and was hooked by it.

And to my surprise, the shoe was big for me, though it’s size 5.

So I tried size 4, and it’s still felt loose.

The sales girl mentioned that they did have size 3, but was out of stock.

In my mind, I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t fit size 4, let alone size 5 and had to resort to size 3?


What a surprise!


Anyhow, I still purchased the shoes and hadn’t worn it ever since.

I did buy the padding and all, but it’s still felt uncomfortable.




So, in order to solve this matter, with regards of comfortability of my feet, I did some research on the Internet and this pattern of shoe totally get into my liking.


Behold. Say yes to Mary Jane shoes



If you are a shoes collector,  no shoe collection would be complete without a chic retro look like the Mary Jane style.


You need to have at least a pair of this shoe in your closet.


I wore this kind of shoe last year and it was size 5. Though it’s felt a slightly big for my feet, it has this kind of strap or band that somehow protect the shoe from falling out from my feet.

So I did feel safe and comfortable wearing this shoe.


Sadly, I didn’t manage to get one for myself this year because I couldn’t find any of this design here.




Been looking here and there, from KL to Terengganu, to this shop and that shop, and noooooo. They didn’t sell the shoes. If they have pun, the design sucks!


If only they have this…



and this..


also this..



I’ll be more than happy to buy  all of them 😦


But, the only that I found here was like this..



See, the big, lumpy heel? So unattractive!



I am so desperately in need of new shoe for school, and I want Mary Jane shoes.




Better keep searching, right?


Wish me luck!






Yours truly: Jannah


Need help!

21 Jan


Oh my, it’s 9pm already. I haven’t done anything beside browsing stuff on the Internet which turns out to be a major headache.


You see, I need your help to suggest me few blogs that sell cover for BB.


I found two, one on Facebook and the other one is on the blogspot. But I need more sites guys.


I want to change the cover that I currently using now which is from the  boring black cover




to the bling bling cover.. like this …





I so what to buy them.


Please anyone, help me?


And please don’t say go to Low Yat. I am in Terengganu, not KL!



Will be waiting.. (and browsing)…







Me: Jannah




Online shopping =)

21 Jan


Okay so by now, everyone must have done at least one online shopping, am I right?


But if you haven’t, don’t be shy. You have to got at least have one trial to online shopping. And trust me, you’ll be hooked by then :p


Last year, I have spent quite an amount of money on online shopping and in my previous blog site, I did write an entry on this topic.

So I would love to repost the entry here just to share with you the online shopping sites that I had viewed and made purchase.


It’s been a trend nowadays to do online shopping, especially when you’re a shopaholic yourself. 🙂

And online shopping is so easy to do. All you need is a laptop/ computer, an internet service, online bank account and of course your eyes and your finger tips.

Living in a such state where to get something that really nice is closely impossible to do, I opted to use online shopping.

And oh my, the feeling of getting the parcel of your purchase once it arrives is like a joy of getting a present from Mr. Santa.

Seriously, it’s a happiness.


There are hundreds of thousands of shopping blog sites that offer you this service, not to mention the pages in Facebook, which looks like a bit of night market there, that you can use to fulfill your needs to shop.

You just need to find the ones that suitable to your budget, better deal and helpful sellers.

I have a list of shopping blogs that I have bookmarked for future references which you can read it here.


One useful tip:  Do get  in touch with the seller. Ask precisely how much will it cost you. Does the price include the postage fee or not? How long will it takes for the parcel to arrive at your door step and anything that you want to know about the items that you are interested in.

Please please please don’t be a back out buyers once you’re confirmed that you’re going to pay the item. Why? Simple because perhaps you’re not the only one that want to buy the item. That item might have two or more potential buyers. If you say no at the last minute, the seller might loose other potential buyers. So please be considerate.


Happy shopping!

Oh, don’t forget to visit my shopping blog too 🙂
A shopaholic too: Jannah

Sorting out

21 Jan



Hey good morning!

Rise and shine people!


For me, weekend is a time where I do most of the things that I want to do during the weekdays but too lazy to do them ;P


I normally use my weekend for cleaning, doing a pile of laundry, trying out new recipes and of course blogging.

I really miss to do the latter one.


Although weekend only consists of two-days off (as I am a government servant, not sure how’s the private sector works), I’m manage to do some of the work listed above.


Funny thing is, I won’t be having any problem waking up really early compared to during weekdays. I don’t know why. Normally people will take longer sleeping hours during weekends but not me. My eyes will be widely open by the time it’s 7 am. I should have waken up at 10-12 pm. I have to. I deserve it. But it is not happening!  It’s like my eyes have been automatically set to open at 7 am. So unfair!

But looking on a bright the side of it,  my work is done! Like just now.


I think we all share the same consensus that we really hate when we’re not being organised like stuff are not in the right places, kan? So do I.  I hate the fact that I have my stuff all over the places. You know, when I want this stuff, I couldn’t find it. For instance, my tudung.

Since I bought new closet (which already been fulled by my clothes and other unbeknown stuff), I kept my tudung in two separate boxes and hang some of  them that I will use  regularly. Until this one particular night, I couldn’t find the tudung that I wanted to pair of with my baju kurung. I went berserk looking for it (yeap, been looking in those two boxes) but to no avail.

Therefore, I decided to arrange my tudung (againnnn) and this time, I arranged it according to color coding.

It took me almost 20 minutes to sort out everything and it surprised me a lot of the amount of tudung that I have so far.





See see, I grouped them into their color code and the pink and brown/ orange defy other color.


I stored all my tudungs to the place that I can see and reach 🙂



Easy to be looked at and selected for any particular day.



I really hope that after this, I won’t be going crazy looking for my tudung. Speaking of which, I haven’t sorted out my baju kurung. Buhuuu…



All right, so I’ve crossed this thing on my Things-To-D0 List.


One down, hundreds to go.


Sigh 😦



Great weekend guys!





Me: Jannah