New year and new tasks and a whole lot more!

31 Dec

Salam everyone 😉

As a teacher, this is my second year of teaching. As expected, I have to hold quite a number of responsibilities for 2011.

I have no complains about that as it is part of my duty to serve my school =) Therefore, I would like to share you some of my posts for 2011.

Oh, I have been posted to Sekolah Kebangsaan Pusat Kuala Ibai in January 4th, 2010. The school has approximately 1200++ pupils so it is a grade A school. We open 6 classes for every year, with average 32 pupils per class.

Just for the record, in 2010, 21 pupils scored straight A’s. What an accomplishment! So this year, our dearest GB hopes that we are able to get more than that insyallah under His blessings.

Alright, just an overview of what has installed for me for 2011.

  • *Class teacher for 4 Amanah
  • *28 periods of teaching.
  • *English: 4 Amanah, 4 Soleh and 6 Soleh
  • *PE: 3 Tabligh, 4 Taqwa
  • *KT: 6 Soleh
  • *Head of English Club and Society
  • *Penyelaras Tahun 5
  • *Secretary of English Panel
  • *Secretary of Pandu Puteri Tunas
  • *AJK of Peningkatan UPSR
  • *AJK of Kedai PIBG Sekolah
  • *AJK of Rekod, Persijilan dan Kemasukan Ke Sekolah Menengah
  • *AJK of Green House
  • * AJK of RMT

And not to forget as an emcee too for the school events (phewww)

(taken during Majlis Sambutan Nuzul Al-Quran 2010)

So, things are going to be so extremely chaotic for 2011 and I hope everything will turn up well, Insyallah =)

That’s all


Regards: Jannah


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