My Kesayangan ;)

31 Dec


How are you been doing? Three entries in a row, quite impressive right? Hehehehe.

This entry is dedicated to my kesayangan. It’s pictorial entry so I do hope it feasts your eyes.

# 1st kesayangan- Dearest Mom and Dad

~My backbones~

# 2nd Kesayangan- Coolest brothers and sisters and nephew


~ Though we are apart, we stay close in our heart~

# 3rd Kesayangan- My other half


~ My source of life. Thank you for the endless supports ;)~

# 4th Kesayangan- Lovely cousins

~They train me on how to be a good mom in future, Insyallah ;)~

# 5th Kesayangan – Dearest colleagues and sweet kids 🙂





~ companion for gossiping and bitching about so many stuffs and also where I gain knowledge in strengthening my teaching skills~

and friends, no matter where you are 🙂

~ the only picture that all of us are in together ;)~


Sayangku semua, thanks for being part of my life 🙂 I love you alwaysss


From the bottom of my heart, you’re always in my mind 🙂


Regards: Jannah


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