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31 Dec


Hye. 😉

It’s snowy here. In my site!

Though Malaysia doesn’t have 4 seasons, but my site has snow falling from the (?)

Thank you WordPress!

picture was taken in Mount Buller, Au, back in 2007


Jom, let’s play snowball =)




Regards: Jannah


Pleasant surprise of 2010

31 Dec


First time in my entire life that I received such a pleasant surprise.

An abundance joy of gifts!





Thank you so much to my lovely pupils for the presents. I keep every single one of them 🙂

This is one of the best moments in my life throughout 2010 and this is all because of my dearest pupils. Teacher loves you all 😉

There you go. Till then.


Regards: Jannah


My Kesayangan ;)

31 Dec


How are you been doing? Three entries in a row, quite impressive right? Hehehehe.

This entry is dedicated to my kesayangan. It’s pictorial entry so I do hope it feasts your eyes.

# 1st kesayangan- Dearest Mom and Dad

~My backbones~

# 2nd Kesayangan- Coolest brothers and sisters and nephew


~ Though we are apart, we stay close in our heart~

# 3rd Kesayangan- My other half


~ My source of life. Thank you for the endless supports ;)~

# 4th Kesayangan- Lovely cousins

~They train me on how to be a good mom in future, Insyallah ;)~

# 5th Kesayangan – Dearest colleagues and sweet kids 🙂





~ companion for gossiping and bitching about so many stuffs and also where I gain knowledge in strengthening my teaching skills~

and friends, no matter where you are 🙂

~ the only picture that all of us are in together ;)~


Sayangku semua, thanks for being part of my life 🙂 I love you alwaysss


From the bottom of my heart, you’re always in my mind 🙂


Regards: Jannah

New year and new tasks and a whole lot more!

31 Dec

Salam everyone 😉

As a teacher, this is my second year of teaching. As expected, I have to hold quite a number of responsibilities for 2011.

I have no complains about that as it is part of my duty to serve my school =) Therefore, I would like to share you some of my posts for 2011.

Oh, I have been posted to Sekolah Kebangsaan Pusat Kuala Ibai in January 4th, 2010. The school has approximately 1200++ pupils so it is a grade A school. We open 6 classes for every year, with average 32 pupils per class.

Just for the record, in 2010, 21 pupils scored straight A’s. What an accomplishment! So this year, our dearest GB hopes that we are able to get more than that insyallah under His blessings.

Alright, just an overview of what has installed for me for 2011.

  • *Class teacher for 4 Amanah
  • *28 periods of teaching.
  • *English: 4 Amanah, 4 Soleh and 6 Soleh
  • *PE: 3 Tabligh, 4 Taqwa
  • *KT: 6 Soleh
  • *Head of English Club and Society
  • *Penyelaras Tahun 5
  • *Secretary of English Panel
  • *Secretary of Pandu Puteri Tunas
  • *AJK of Peningkatan UPSR
  • *AJK of Kedai PIBG Sekolah
  • *AJK of Rekod, Persijilan dan Kemasukan Ke Sekolah Menengah
  • *AJK of Green House
  • * AJK of RMT

And not to forget as an emcee too for the school events (phewww)

(taken during Majlis Sambutan Nuzul Al-Quran 2010)

So, things are going to be so extremely chaotic for 2011 and I hope everything will turn up well, Insyallah =)

That’s all


Regards: Jannah

Happy 2011 darlings ;)

31 Dec

Salam everyone 😉

I, Nurul Jannah Mohd Khomsa, on behalf of my family, wishing everyone around the world a Happy New Year of 2011.

May all of us are having good times ahead throughout the new year and be safe and sound.

As for me, I hope that 2011 will bring more of good momentos and times, with people around me and yes, less drama is much highly needed 🙂

That’s all 🙂 Happy new year yo!


Regards: Jannah


Oh hello again :)

31 Dec

Salam and happy afternoon.

Finally after having such a headache in figuring out how to use wordpress, this is my so-called first entry to this site.

Well, my first account for wordpress was early this year before I decided to delete it forever and reverted back to blogspot.

And now here I am again. Signing up for new account ;P

Previously, I was known as teacherjannah, and now, I go by nuruljannahmk.

Short and precise, heh?

Oh well, enough of blabbering, I welcome you to my site and hopefully this new site inspires me to write a lot.

I have no promise that I’ll write regularly but insyallah, I will write whenever I have time to do so.

And yeah, Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2011 now bebeh 🙂



Regards: Jannah