3 Jul


I have no one that I can refer to as close friends.

The ones that I have, from college or school, is just friends.

I have nobody that seriously want to be there for me, no matter what happen.

I have facebook but friends in facebook are just denying the fact that I’m in their friendlist.

Some of them even declining to share information with me.


And why?

Am I a bad person? What have I done to them?

I feel like deactivate my FB account.

Probably this is the right time for me to do it.


Just a quick update

20 Jun


I’m fine as always but boy, it’s getting busier than before especially when the exam is just couple of months away.

I’m so nervous!

But under His blessings, I’m sure my kids can do it.

Nothing much interesting things happen lately. Been done some shopping and still deciding to buy this item.

I’ve been more conscious towards what I spent, alhamdulillah. It’s a good sign for me to put things that are most important at first place.

Anyway, I hope you have a great night. I’m signing off now. Mau tido ;p



New Layout

2 Jun


Hey hey,

I’m changing the layout.

Hope you’ll like it 🙂


Bye and good night.

Sweet dreams.


Where to go..where to go..

1 Jun


Hye ;p

As we all know, it’s school break now. Thank God. Alhamdulillah.

Normally people will start to make some plan on where to go during this break.

Including myself.

I have few places that I plan I want to go, 2 weeks prior to the break.

First,  Pulau Redang.

Never been there though the jetty to the island is like 15 minutes away from my house and the fact that I live in KTRG,  doesn’t really provide the opportunity for me to visit the island.

Really want to go there. Even dream of teaching there. But parents say no to my dream.


I think the island is the most perfect place for honeymooney. *blush* but seriously, who doesn’t like beach? Anyone? No one right?

The picturesque beach, so breathtaking and ahhhhh…ooohhhhhh…. I want to go there! So desperately!

Secondly, I longed for Pulau Langkawi.

Yes again, an island. This time I want to shop shop shop while visit visit visit ;p

Last time I’ve been there when I was in Standard 6. Dang, 12 years ago!

I love the places and affordable goods especially the chocolates.

Also perfect for honeymoon.. *blush again*

So cheap cheap cheap :p

I don’t mind if I am not be able to go there this time around but it would be nice if I can go there some other time 🙂

Thirdly,  Kuala Lumpur.

Why KL? The busiest place in Malaysia? Well, my brothers and sisters also my uncles and aunties plus my nephew are all in KL so I want to visit them and ehem ehem do a bit of shopping ;p

I miss KL so much. I’ve been studying for my degree in KL so I really hope that I will be there again. Honestly, every time I’m in KL, I always amazed and mesmerized by the modernization and I keep saying”oohhhh” and “aaahhhhss” . I never get enough of KL. KL always in my heart and surprised me every time I go there.

Plus, KL has lots and lots of shopping malls. sigh.  And I miss MID VALLEY MEGAMALL so MUCHHHHH!!!

However, as people say, “Kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan segalanya” 

It’s all in my dreams. The only place I’m going to spend my holidays is not Pulau Langkawi, not Pulau Redang and definitely NOT KL  but this place….

Yes, micasa.  Just going to spend my two weeks break at Kuala Ibai. My home.

Be a lazy fat girl and watch tv all day long.

And when I’m hungry, just go to the kitchen and prepare simple meal.

or perhaps do some baking

and cooking ;p

And be more fat ;p


Yeay. Home is also a perfect place to spend your holidays.

Not that bad huh?

Plus, I have my other lovable companions that need my attention and love 🙂



I also can go shopping, even I’m in Terengganu.

I  can go to Giant

Yes, this is Giant Kuala Terengganu, opens until 12am during weekends.

or Mydin Mall

Always pack with people.

Or go to TTC- Terengganu Trade Centre where at the moment, there’s a warehouse sale and book fair.

Not so bad and pathetic I guess.


Happy holidays guys!

Use your break wisely and thoughtfully.

Be safe!

Wasalam 🙂

Love: Jannah

A week before the school holidays begin.

1 Jun


Today is the first June of 2011. Wow, time flies. Fast. I mean really fast.

We’re already in the middle of the year and soon, it’s the end of 2011.

6 months to go to achieve all the resolutions for this year.


Anyway, I’m quite sure that everyone knows right now schools all over Malaysia are closed for the first mid term break.


But my holidays only began on Tuesday (31st March) though the holidays started on the 26th as I have two slot of extra classes.

Glad it’s over now.

However, a week before the holidays start, my school (and all schools in Malaysia) conducted mid term examination.


To be honest, I don’t really like exam because it makes me feel nervous and scared.

But right now, I’m the one who had to prepare my kids to face the exams. And I still feel nervous and scared, for the kids of course.

So, this is how my desk would look like when the exam is around the corner. For this exam, I had to count the exam paper for English subject (Year 4) and PE subject (Year 3).  I need to staple the paper and organize the objective papers as well so it’s kinda messy here.


Apart from that, every one of us (the teachers) will receive this tiny winy timetable for class supervision. Why it’s tiny winy. This is why.


 Yeah, the letter is so small and so close to each other that every teacher always got confused by it. Even me myself. I always carried this timetable even to the canteen as a precaution and a reminder where I was supposed to be at this hour and as such.

According to the timetable, I had to ‘jaga’ the Level 1 classes. Wow, it’s so super duper tiring ya know. Kids didn’t want to sit still to their chair and table and I had to always ensure they did all the questions.  Plus, they kept on asking how to do this and that. It’s so challenging even to make them  not to talk to each other during the exam.

Yet I succeed. Victory was all mine. Hehehehehe. I became as fierce as hell and always gave a smirk whenever the kids asked for second and third times. And I listed down all the rules every time before the exam started and made them understand what I like and what I don’t like them to do when exam in session. Alhamdulillah, it worked!

Even the last 2 classes was scared of me!

Pity them. But what to do. They needed a bit of discipline.

To kill the boredom, I took pictures of the kids during the exam.


First day. 2 Fatonah. Paper BM (2)


More of them.  2 Fatonah is the fourth class out of 6 classes so they are a slow learner. Some of them are still having difficulties in reading and writing.


Ok, remember I told you about the giving out the rules? This is one of the rules and I applied it to every class that I need to monitor.  The rule demands the pupils to sleep after they had completed all questions in the paper. By doing this, I will know how many haven’t finished and it kept the pupils quiet.


Year 1 Fatonah. Small people, bigggggg mouthh!!!

Smart girls. Sampai tertidur-tidur nak jawab peksa. :p


 And this boy, Hafis, is totally look like Airiel, my nephew. Seriously!  Handsome boy with funny voice ;p

Arabic paper . I even need the ustazah to translate the instruction ;p So xtau okes!

Science. Easy peasy :p

The kids didn’t need to color the pictures but because they finished way to early, I asked them to color all pictures in the paper and later sleep after they had finished.


Nonetheless, I love these boys. Fatty fatty bum bum :p. Year 1 Siddiq

Dang, it was so hot throughout the exam week. I felt like melting.

Scorching hot!

All right so that’s all. Glad that the exam was over. Yet I had piles of exam papers that needed to be marked. Alhamdulillah, only one subject that I haven’t finished.

And I’m so proud of my 6 Soleh. 4 of them got C for English! Yeay!!

Oh okay. Got to go now. See you later peeps!


Busy me: Jannah 🙂

Long hiatus..sigh~

22 May


Wow, it’s been almost a month now.

Last blog entry was on 16th April.

Such a long time.

And I’m totally surprised to see the new wordpress layout.

So cool!

Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus. Been spending most of my time with school duties.

Hate, hate, hate.

It’s like I don’t have no life except for school life.

Fret not, it’s going to be like this for another 6 months and after that I’m freeeeee (well for a month or so)

Yet, I know I will survive this.

Yes I can!

Deep apologize for being in silence. Heck, never thought people are coming to read my unthoughtful writing :p

But thank you thank you thank you!

Will try to update myself on this blog.

Insyallah 🙂

And also been thinking of updating my other blog.

You know, My Garage Sales.

I have found some of the clothes (still new) that I need to let go at crazy prices.

 So stay tuned.

Ok, should get going now. My nasi goreng is waiting for me.

Oh oh, fyi, I haven’t done a lot of cooking/baking these days.

But I have few recipes that I want to share here but need to try it first.

Ok, ok, me is hungry.

Night night


Back again! : Jannah

Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England

16 Apr


Hey, how’s your weekend so far?

Mine is full with work, work and moooreeeee work.


But it ain’t stop me to blog.

In the middle of finishing some paper work for Smart English Program and I was doing it in front of television, I saw some clips of Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England.

One of the clips mention that Kate or Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, is the princess of 21st century. And I totally agreed with that.

She is hype and chic and so stylish and her looks are flawless. She is born to be a princess although she has no royal bloodlines whatsover and her parents have no title and just a commoner.

And I absolutely adore her dress during her engagement to Prince William.

Adore much, eh?

Love love loveee her dress!


She just looks so effortlessly beautiful!

Well, I think her body figure does help her looks. Long spidery legs and tall, yes you will look gorgeous in whatever you are wearing.

Yet, I think she fits the place as future queen  and people will definitely look her up as a replacement for  the loss of Princess Diana’s pure beauty, poise and great personality.

Kate Middleton- The Future Queen of England.

Ok, there you go.

My short entry and yes I am so looking forward to the royal wedding this 29th April 2011. Two weeks to go!

Bye, enjoy the rest of the day.


Back to work: Jannah